Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, May 9, 2020
  • Location: Fargo, ND
  • Time: 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Our Event


The next Angel Baby Mile event is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, 2020.



9th Street & 9th Avenue South

Fargo ND 58102


8:00am - 12:00 Noon

Flower Baskets

Again, in 2020 we will be providing an opportunity for you to sponsor a flower basket to honor your precious Angel Baby(s).  Flowers will be lined up on the side of the race course of the Fargo Marathon.  This section of the course will be called the Angel Baby Mile.  At the completion of the event you will be able to take your Angel Baby's flower basket home with you.  Flower arrangement will come in a white 8" hanging pot. The flowers will be all grown at the Baker Nursery (Fargo, ND). On our event day the arrangement may not be as full as picture shows because it will be early in the blooming season. 

They hold the missing piece of our heart.


What is an Angel Baby?

A baby that that was lost at any point during pregnancy, or even after birth.


What is the Angel Baby Mile?

The Angel Baby Mile is an opportunity to honor our lost babies.  A specific mile of the Fargo Marathon, on May 18, 2019, will be called the Angel Baby Mile.  Those interested in honoring a baby may sponsor a flower pot.  The flower pots will be placed along the side of the race course. The Angel Baby Mile is sponsored by Vance Thompson Vision and the flower pots will be from Baker Nursery (Baker Garden and Gift, Fargo, ND). 


Who can sponsor a flower?

The Angel Baby Mile is open to anyone who is interested in purchasing a flower pot to honor an Angel Baby.  If you have been impacted in anyway by the loss of a baby, I encourage you to proudly honor their precious souls by sponsoring a flower pot in their honor.  

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart" -WInnie-the-Pooh

2020 Sponsored Angel Babies

Leni Jo Greenwood

Grandma & Grandpa Evans

Jules Greenwood

Grandma & Grandpa Evans

Baby Evans

Grandma & Grandpa Evans

All Angel Babies

Jane & Sam

Our Angel Baby

Zach & Kaitlin

John & Jude

Kelsey Mellmer

Jo, Jolie, & Jae

Kelsey Mellmer

McCormick 'Mickey Mac'

Love, Mom, Dad, Rosaleigh, & Annabell


Grandpa & Grandma


Grandpa & Grandma


With Love, from your Family

Max, Finn, Christian, Gabriel, Laila, & Drew

Kvien Cousins

Raelee Stinkeoway

Mom, Dad & Sisters

Beckham William Erenberg

Mom, Dad, Hadley, Bode, & Maddox

Jonathan & Jai Malsam

We love you, Jon, Sarah, Jace, & Jade

Angel Baby Guetter

Mom, Dad, &  Boone, Mimi & Papa

Baby G

Mom, Dad, & Peyton

Duluth Lee Anda- Nov 19, 2019

Forever your Angel mom

Bristol Joelle

Mommy, Daddy, & little sister Brielle

Hope Violet, Forever In Our Hearts

Grandma & Grandpa


Mom & Dad

Josie Lola Perkerewicz 8-20-10

Mom & Dad

Jax Raywalt

Mommy, Daddy, & Baby brother Knox

Breyson David

Dad, Mom, & Aubrey

Parker & Bentley Reile

Mommy, Daddy, & your siblings love and miss you to the moon and back!

Ellis Nolte

Love, Mom, Dad, Easton, & Esley

Jordy Neil Little

Momma, Daddy & McCoy

Dylan Marie Feller


Leni Jo




Charlie Nelson


Baby B


Cooper Jordan Hinrichs

Love you forever. Mom & Dad

Duluth Lee


Willow Jane

Momma & Daddy

Marly Marie Hillman

We Love You! Grandpa & Grandma Dougherty

James + Baby P

Mom & Dad

Jules Greenwood

Mom, Dad, & little sister Quincy Jules

Leni Jo Greenwood

Mom, Dad, & little sister Quincy Jules

Teagan Marie Esping

Mommy, Daddy, & Sisters

Reagan Elise Esping

Mommy, Daddy, & Sisters

Beckham William Erenberg

Auntie Stacie, Uncle Kyle & Jordy Bondy

Arianna Grace Hess

Love you forever, Mommy & Daddy

Hope Caroline Hess

Love you forever, Mommy & Daddy

Paityn Wiley Mairs

Mom, Dad, Paisley & Paxton

Arends Babies

Matt & Cory Arends

Acelyn Raine Taffe

All of our love baby girl, Mommy, Daddy, Rocklon, Aceton, Huxton, & Shamrock

Joseph James

Mommy, Daddy, & Oliver

Baby E.


Alivia Lea Plutowski

Aunt Brittney, Uncle Justin, and Cousins Abigail & Emmy

Enoch & Elysia

Jonny, Ahna, Stella & Maggie

Bethany Ann

Jonny, Ahna, Stella & Maggie 

Stella Kay

We miss you! -Daddy, Mommy & Maggie

Harriet Lynne


Laney Theodora Ricki Holtan

Love, Mommy, Daddy, & big brother Declan

Mackenzie Sue

Her Loving Parents

Hayden Isaac

Love, Mom, Dad & Kobe

Harriet Lynne

Papa A & Mimi M

Teagan & Reagan Esping

Papa & Grandma

Dylan Marie

Your friend Emily M.

Baby C

Love, the Mairs Family

Pat, Mac & Little Lou

Kaylee & Josh

Little Lou

We love you always,                                Love Mommy & Daddy

John "Spencer" Reimer II


Alivia Lea Plutowski

Daddy, Mommy, Raiden, & Jemma

Axyl James Jans 5-23-2019. Too Beautiful for Earth

Mom, Dad & Big Brothers

Rhett Pavek

Forever Missing You. Love, Daddy & Mama


The Saunders

Harriet Lynne L., & her friends, Jules & Leni G.

Love, Dad, Mom, & Michael


How do I get a flower pot sponsored?

The flowers are ordered on this website (angelbabymile.org).  Each flower pot will have Angel Baby's name on it and who sponsored it.  It is also an option to anonymously sponsor a flower pot.

What if Baby wasn't named yet?

If baby wasn't named they can be given any nickname you wish or can be left anonymous.  Ex: Baby G, Baby Greenwood, Pumpkin, etc.    

Do I get to pick which flower pot arrangement I want?

Yes!  You will be able to select your flower arrangement when placing your order.

Do I take flower pot home with me?

Yes!  Please bring your flower home with you and watch it grow and blossom over the summer.  If you are unable to bring the flower pot home with you for whatever reason we will be sure it blooms for you over the summer months.  

What if I can't attend the event?

That is ok! We would still encourage you to sponsor a flower pot in honor of your angel baby.  After the event is over all remaining flower pots will be taken care of and we will be sure it blooms for you over the summer months.      

Can I run the race?

Yes!  If you want to run the race instead of hanging out at the Angle Baby Mile that it totally acceptable.  Please feel free to make your way back to the Angel Baby Mile area after you finish your race.   



Thank you to all who have chosen to honor these very special babies.  It is such a true testament of LOVE.

How to Support

Angel Mom Collection


I was so proud of my first daughter, Jules. Despite the short 22 weeks I was able to carry her I wanted the world to know about her. I wanted people to know she mattered and had value in my life.  She changed me to the core. 

I wasn't just a "regular" Mom, but now and forever an ANGEL MOM. 

Engraved Jewelry


There is just something about always having a necklace, bracelet, or a ring on that reminds you of your precious Angel.  Frequently seeing their name , initial, or a simple symbol throughout the day can bring a touch of warmth to your day.  The commission from sales from link will be directly donated to Angel Baby Mile. 

Hopeful Heart Project


Hopeful Heart Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hope, healing, and support to parents who have endured the tremendous loss of a child.  They strive to educate families in their options, provide them with the resources and comfort they may need, and create events centered around self-care and healing.

Emroidered Blanket


It is comforting to wrap a blanket around you that has your babes name on it.  Besides just a name you could also get Babe's birthday, Initial, Symbol, or a quote.  

Home Decor


Memories on display around your home can certainly fill up your heart with joy. 

Personalized Candle


This. Just this. Burning a candle with your precious's name on it! Therapeutic.  This company allows you to get both the lid and jar personalized along with picking your own scent for the candle.

Freezer Meals / Meal Train


Not having to think about  preparing a meal after you endure a loss is important.  The meal(s) delivered mean so much more than just the nourishment that it provides.  It speaks love and compassion.  It's the perfect thing for loved ones to do when they feel like they can't help at all.  If cooking isn't for you setting up a Meal Train, or even getting groceries delivered are also great options.    

Thinking of you message


Send a text, note in the mail, or give them a phone call.  Keep verbiage simple.  "Thinking of you."  

"You are so strong."

"I saw the most beautiful sunrise and thought of your sweet Willow Jane."

Story behind the Angel Baby Mile

Jules & Leni


The Angel Baby Mile was inspired by two sisters, Jules and Leni. I, their Mother, was not able to bring either girl home from the hospital. My heart broke and dreams shattered. Jules, the big sister, was born at 22 weeks with a conditioned called Anencephaly. This condition is not compatible for life outside of the womb. A few months after losing Jules we were blessed to have conceived Leni, the little sister. Leni had perfect development and growth. However, at 28.5 weeks little Leni's heart stopped beating. I love these two girls so much and am proud to call them my daughters.  I want to share them with others. Just like Moms of living children like to do.  

The Angel Baby Mile has been created for an opportunity for loss Moms, families, and friends to honor their Angel Baby(s). I want people to feel that they can and should share their precious baby(s). The mental and emotional struggle of trying to survive the loss of a baby is one of the hardest things a person will ever endure. It should not be a road walked alone. Community can help those grieving. I want to help build that community. Please remember that it is always okay to ask for help if you need it.  Sometimes our tomorrows do not look bright. Those are tough times.


Lets build a community that can help lift others when they are feeling weak.  

Angel Baby Mile Sponsor


Baker Garden & Gifts